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Choose from one of the following:

A. Satay Gai

Char grilled Marinated Chicken, Skewered and served with Peanut Sauce

B. Khanom Pang Gai

Spiced Minced Chicken on Toast served with Plumb Sauce

C. Poa Pia

Crispy vegetable Spring Rolls served with Sweet Chilli Sauce

D. Pak Tord

A selection of vegetables coated in light batter served with Plumb Sauce

E. Tod Mun Pla

Thai Style Fishcakes served with sweet Chilli Sauce


Choose from one of the following: (All served with Jasmine Rice except for the Thai Noodles)

F. Gaeng Kiew Waan

Thai green curry served with Chicken, Beef or Prawns

G. Tamarind Duck

Marinated Duck served with Pak Choi and Tamarind Sauce

H. Gai Pad Khing

Stir fried Chicken with Ginger, Peppers, Mushrooms and O

I. Nuea Kratiem Prik Tai

Beef stir fried with Garlic, Pepper and Coriander

J. Kung Pad Bai Krapraw

Stir fried Prawns with French Beans, Chillies and Basil

K. Gaeng Phed Jay

Red Vegetable Curry served with mixed Vegetables

L. Phad Thai

Thai Noodles and vegetables served with Chicken or Prawns

M. Gai/Nuea Kauiteaw Nam

Thai rice noodle soup with choice of Chicken or Beef with veg


Choose from one of the following

Choice of our famous Sorbets and Ice Creams or Segafredo Zanetti Coffee’s or tea.